The wonderful thing about photography and having a place to display it is that as soon as people realise you enjoy it and they see some of the work you do, the photography comes to you.

Despite our infancy, Gemsdale has already had some wonderful opportunities to provide our services, with many coming as a result of a shared interest ~To see a  moment, capture it, and present it to you, to have and hold forever.

Below are just a few of your wonderful moments that we have been privileged to share with you. We hope you enjoy your visit and if you think we can be of service to you, we'd love to hear about it.

Hot day

Well it had to happen I guess!

"I don't suppose you do weddings by any chance do you?"

"er.......Not usually!!

"Well you do now, our daughter is getting married in May and we'd love you to just cover the church part and some of the reception"

"Oooooookay! So no pressure then".........

Matt & Rachel

2015 has provided an incredible start for Gemsdale not least due to the fact that we had the honour and privilege of providing our services to Martin & Heather Proctor for the marriage of their daughter Rachel to Fiancé  Matt.

Our very first wedding shoot!

An event like no other, a wedding is the one of the most poignant moments in any family's life and as a photographer, having the honour of sharing their big day and recording the moments for them to look back on and enjoy for many years to come was truly inspiring. A completely absorbing experience and one we shall never forget either.

Extending our gratitude to the newly weds and to Martin and Heather, for trusting us with this most precious of occasions, Martins thoughts have been gratefully received.

" Hi Dean, It’s Martin here - remember me?, Rubik's cube solving father of the bride!

One word - Wow! There are so many I think are really great - 4362, 3205, 4298, 3260, 4432, 3786-2, 3373, 3629, 3531, 3411....... to name but a few! The church looked great with the 10mm lens and I really like the ones of people laughing at the video.

The shot through the wrought iron work of Rachel in the church 4176-2 is genius! I cant pick an overall fave there are so many and I can tell you have spent many hours in ‘post production’, the light levels of us arriving at church and the shots in the kitchen before the wedding are really atmospheric. Matt and Rachel in the car looks wonderful.

Really like the reception shots through the fairy lights giving dreamy soft balls of light, they are brilliant - fave there is 3531. I really love 3786-2 Matt, Rachel and me clapping at the table but 3629 - Rachel laughing (presumably at a witty joke of mine) captures a lovely moment - perhaps my fave?!

Dean, can I just say how absolutely bowled over we have been at your humility, friendliness, empathy and above all the wonderful rapport you created at both the rehearsal and on the big day itself. You were simply brilliant and the photos are more than we ever hoped for. We felt that we were sharing our intimate family day with a friend. How you got so many shots in the church without being obtrusive I’ll never know! I don’t recall seeing you at all and yet you must have been on the stage, in the pulpit and all over!"

A perfect day for a perfect couple.

A few photos from a very memorable day for our Son and shiny brand new 


Couldn't be more proud of you both.

Wishing you every happiness in everything you do.

Mum & Dad xx

Daniel & Becca

Becky & Alec

Once in a lifetime moments happen all the time! 

It's just that you're probably too busy enjoying yourself to notice them!

(Unless you've got your camera handy of course!)

A wedding has to be up there in the top 3 of all time moments in your life when you'll see more cameras in one place than almost any other time throughout the year. A moment like no other , captured forever to look back on and enjoy time and time again.

Becky & Alec, thank you for a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them for you both.


A beautiful day for a beautiful couple! 

This wedding lark is getting to be a bit of a thing! But, always up for a challenge......

This September has seen us jetting off to Cyprus for an amazing break and the amazing opportunity to capture the wedding of our niece Louise and nephew in law (is that even a thing!) Gerry.

And about time too you guys! talk about taking your time! But, it was definitely worth the wait. An amazing day and just so happy we could be there with you to share the day. 

Louise & Gerry

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