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Welcome to the Fitzpatrick Referrals 4th Height Jumping Cup.

Dogfest 2015 with Channel 4 Super Vet Noel Fitzpatrick has become an established part of the Surrey summer event calendar. Putting his unique stamp and copious amounts of energy into what has become a hugely popular and well attended annual event.

Noel has now additionally leant his support to the concept of the 4th height for dog agility. Held again this year at Loseley Park Near Guildford, Doggfest 2015 was just the showcase the 4th height support group needed to drive home the message that dog agility needs to take account of issues facing dogs and handlers where they fall just foul of the height requirements for running lower jumps  in competition. 1 cm over height could mean the difference of running jumps almost 200mm higher and the group is keen to point out the issues this has for both dogs and handlers alike.

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Gemsdale has been lucky enough to attend this year's event as official photographer for the Fitzpatrick Referrals 4th height Jumping Cup. In support of the introduction of a “4th” height at 550mm in agility tests, television’s “Bionic Vet” Noel Fitzpatrick is sponsoring a brand new and exciting event for 2015:

The Fitzpatrick Referrals 4th Height Jumping Cup. Open to all dogs measuring over 430mm at the withers (i.e., over Medium height) and with jump heights set at 550mm, there will be six qualifying heats held around the country this agility season. The top 6 dogs and handlers in each heat will qualify for the Grand Final, being held in the main arena at Fitzpatrick Referral’s own dog-centric public event, DogFest. This year, the group is offering you the chance to both watch and try for yourself the exciting world of dog agility. The day provided glorious weather, a lot of excitement and the chance for you to try 1st hand what it's like to run the courses we hear about so often.

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