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Canine Hoopers has been one of the fastest growing activities for dogs in the UK why? Because it’s fun for dog and owner all across the board! In fact Hoopers was created to lend itself to the dog travelling at its own natural speed.

Hooperholics UK began with a simple message: Give it a Go! Whether you're looking for a little brain training to do in the back garden or a "full blown" competition, HUK can help!  Find out about our comprehensive hooper training format, speak with our approved instructors, come and see our workshops and training events in action including calendar competitions, how to hold a show, points progress leagues with record books as well as online options for training. A multi-level progress scheme called Hooperlevels is open to all. So come and see us at https://www.hooperholicsuk.co.uk/

Or join the conversation at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/923830147971099

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