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Because agility rocks!

Gemsdale is proud to be associated with a growing number of outstanding agility groups dedicated to raising the profile of this energetic, skilful and exciting pursuit.

From a single day competition to full on multi-day events, dog agility is thriving and no more so than  right here on these pages. With their help, Gemsdale has been able to bring you a unique  insight into a seriously fun experience where friendly rules the day and satisfaction's guaranteed.

From beginners to Champions the range of activities at all levels is sure to wet your appetite and have you itching to get out there. Your dogs will thank you for it.

Seriously exciting, Gemsdale will be on hand to bring you stunning memories of events, competitions, training days and much much more.

So, grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy some of the thrills and spills of some great days in the agility calendar of some top class clubs just waiting for you to get in touch.

Jump'n'Touch Agility

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Paws at Play


Fidos Agility

CC Agility

Wave Runners

Maidstone Activity

Bridge House Agility

Nedlo Agility

South Downs Agility

Billingshurst Agility

Wessex BCC Agility

SDTS Agility


Touch & Go Agility

Highdown Agility

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