The Jets Flyable Team - Gemsdale Photography
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The Jets Flyball team has recently been reformed out of the Maple Leafs team, which disbanded at the end of the 2009 flyball season.

Based on the South Coast of England, predominatly around Southampton, Portsmouth and surrounding areas. We train weekly on a Thursday evening at Wickham Community Centre, Station, Road, Wickham, where we enjoy the use of an indoor facility to run our dogs throughout the year, whatever the weather.

The 18 team members run a total of 37 dogs in 5 teams and compete throughout the country. We also have members who run in the starters teams, who are not necessarily registered with the British Flyball Association

Make no mistake, this is loud, fast and furious!

Did I mention its loud? .......

Pack your ear defenders ! They'll thank you for it 

(Your ears that is, not the Flyball teams)

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