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Another first for Gemsdale this summer.

Learning about your favourite breed not only provides an enormous amount of enjoyment as a dog handler, it also provides a unique insight into what exactly makes your 4 legged friend tick!

With well attended breed clubs, you'll find yourself in the good company of enthusiastic, like-minded people all striving to nurture and further the needs of their particular breed. 

Gemsdale has been able to get a unique insight into the hard work that these clubs undertake  having  been invited to the Logatto Romagnolo Breed Show at Lewknor this year.

So Gemsdale now has another string to its bow! None of the bonkers 100mph sharp shooting, but still a challenge none the less. Trying to catch the essence of a Breed show is what this page is all about.


Lagotto Romagnolo Breed Show Sunday 19th July 2015

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