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Kelluki Agility are a dedicated bunch who's group has been set up with the intention of hosting agility shows and training days throughout the South-East.

Now with just over 400 members, they are fast becoming a formidable force who's fun approach to the sport is one of the most refreshing and enjoyable experiences you're ever likely to come across. From Newbie to Champions, everyone is made to feel welcome, meaning everyone goes away a winner. 

You can find out more by visiting the kelluki Facebook group.

Gemsdale are proud to be part of their story and look forward to many happy events (and burgers) Keep up the good work people ! You know it makes sense!


We regret to inform you that a very unfortunate situation has occurred within the gallery

Kelluki - Merrist Wood - 4th March 2018.

Some images from some classes have not correctly uploaded to the  right galleries.

As purchases have begun to filter through and due to the nature of the event (all large and full height or lower height) and due to the number of images involved  it is just not realistic  to now try and re-arrange all the affected photos. Unique links are created with each purchase and sales history / records would be greatly affected.  

On this occasion, and with my sincere apologies, please can I ask you to check through all galleries if you believe coverage of your run was given but you are struggling to find any shots of your dog where you would expect to see them. They will be there but just in a different gallery folder.

Taking additional steps to ensure this doesn't happen again and I am truly sorry for any inconvenience.


Merrist Wood 4th March 2018

Winter Series 2017 - 2018 Finals

Merrist Wood 20th January 2018

Winter Series 2017-18 Sunday 7th January 2018

Kelluki Christmas Show 2017

Merrist Wood 3rd December 2017

Winter Series 2017-18 Sunday 26th November 2017

Merrist Wood November 5th 2017

Merrist Wood November 4th 2017

Winter Series 2016 - 2017 - Sunday 15th January 2017

Winter Series 2016 - 2017 - Sunday 13th November 2016

Cranleigh Summer Show 2016 - Sunday 3rd July

Cranleigh Summer Show 2016 - Saturday 2nd July

Winter Series 2015/16 Hotshots So Far.....

Winter Series 2015/16 Priory Equestrian Centre

Cranleigh Summer Show 2015 - What a weekend!

Winter Series 2014/15 Ryslip

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